The 7 Biggest Success Secrets in an Internet Based Business They Do Not Want You to Know About

For beginning internet marketers, in my opinion, beginning internet marketers commonly end up getting stuck with ideas about how to make money. They either do not know how to begin, or they are simply copying some other people model to generate revenue. Sure you can do that, but only for a time.

In my own opinion, every internet marketers regardless of new or old, needs to discover industry leadership through the ideas they have. If you are following the crowd, apply some common sense first before you proceed. Why is that so? Simply, if you are using old approaches, you are copying strategies.

What I would recommend is that you not just copy strategies, but innovate new ones by your own. After you start off in internet marketing, you surely can discover that some of the tried and tested methods in the past may not work anymore, as what I have discover along my internet marketer journey. The most important aspect to do is to discover new ways to adapt to the current local situation. If you are just starting, I am not implying that you have to use something totally unique. I am implying that you have to test, observe, and then build your own strategy that are creative and innovative.


Simply, there are basic principles of business building. If you do not know how to run a business effectively, you would not be able to make money or guarantee your results. Commonly, being lazy is the silly way that have always driven people to failure. I have never come across someone who is lazy and still succeeds in business.


For goodness sake, Internet marketing is not a magic wand. Every business venture have a different set of strategies, that is why it seems to be so complicated. Believe me, if you are just rushing into internet marketing just because it is the next biggest thing, then you might as well not continue reading this anymore. To be able to ensure success in internet, you have 2 things to take note: time and probability. You have to prepare yourself for the reality of possibility in business failure. All successful people have failed countless number of times. But with the right kind of business planning, you can develop better business abilities. This comes in business strategy. Having an MBA does not prove that you are intelligent. Putting the concepts into practice and getting results are.


There are many reasons why I recommend not learning from many sources. Simply, it would be stupid to suggest that you buy everything in internet and then do research from scratch. That is just plain silly. There are so many newsletters and ezines that give free advice. There are content aggregator people who are highly knowledgeable who can provide you effective information because of their experience in the internet marketing arena.


There are people who have fear like “how do I know it is safe to buy online”, “will this be a online scam”, and this may not be applicable for the country they live in. The thing is that the caveat emptor will always stay. You have to do your research. You have to visit that special, secret location to find these people at Due diligence through surfing and being in the know, learning is important, is by far the single most important aspect in internet marketers who excel at what they do.


You cannot afford to be lazy. It will cost you. True, there are some people who only work 16 hours a week as internet marketers and still make a decent living. The fact is that you cannot do that immediately. It takes an investment of several hours of hard work. You have to be obsessed with success that it would take a crowbar and bulldozer to yank you away from your computer. Some of the top internet marketers whom I admire literally work 12 – 16 hour days. No wonder they achieve enormous success so quickly and rapidly. My conventional wisdom is, if you can buy an island in the South Pacific several times over, then you can afford to be lazy.


The aspect of time management is very important. You can be superior in your marketing skills, but if you are lousy in your time management, you will definitely experience burnout. I would recommend that you do one thing at a time.


I do not recommend copying what other people have done in internet. Simply, it is silly to do nothing but copy what was done. It is silly knowing that it would not work anymore. There are no compelling reason to. You can model strategies, but you can predict failure from something that have a lousy business model. It is just not sustainable. You have to think and generate new ideas.

These are the ” 7 BIGGEST INTERNET SUCCESS SECRETS In Starting A Internet Based Business ” which in my opinion are the most important factors that determine whether a person can attain success in his internet based business.

I hope you find this article beneficial to your online success.

All The Best.

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Mobile Wireless Internet: The Next-Gen Technology for Business Travelers

Portability and accessibility are the two aspects that today’s tech-geeks consider first while subscribing for an internet service. Especially for business travelers, the portability factor becomes most crucial. Today’s net savvy travelers want a service which they can carry with them, offer them reliable connectivity and saves their money on data connectivity. Other than these, the users also want optimum security of their valuable data while using the internet.

Internet technology has come a long way to ensure better services for the users and portable wireless internet gadgets are the best example of this advancement. Though the concept is comparatively new, it has significant impact on the global internet market for its multiple benefits. Here is a list of a few advantages that users enjoy with this modern technology:

Convenience: Life is more mobile now and thus everyone wants portable internet service. Today’s Wi-Fi devices are ultra-compact, barely the size of a deck of cards, and are easily carried anywhere. Moreover, the portable internet providers ensure finest connectivity even in the remotest corners of the globe; thus, you need not to hunt for an internet service while you are on the road.

Saving: These devices are the best means to save on your connectivity cost. Hotel internet is far more expensive and many a times these become vulnerable to Trojan attacks and unauthorized device access. And using a free internet service is certainly not a good deal for those who carry valuable data. If you want both security and profitability, carry your mobile wireless internet. Moreover, as you can connect multiple devices with a hotspot, you need not to pay for all your devices separately.

Service: Gone are the days of 2G services; fast internet access may help you cut through the competition and get the market edge. With a portable internet hotspot, you can access both 3G and 4G networks (depending on the availability) on the go.

Monitoring: With this service, you can monitor all your usage details and check your data expenditures. From your online account, you can pay for the data, get your detailed bill and also can check how much data you have spent on what.

Modern science has made things more convenient for us, but we should also be careful to use the scientific inventions wisely. The increasing rate of cyber crimes gives us a clear indication that we must be careful about what we access on the web and how we use it for our business related works. With the convenience, the internet technology has its share of loopholes too. Sharing connection certainly saves you a lot, but you should always remember not to share access of your internet service to people whom you don’t know well. Moreover, disclosing the security code is also not a wise idea when it comes to cyber security. Take care of these small issues and enjoy the world of connectivity with today’s mobile hotspot devices.

Why Businesses May Be Hesitant to Work With an Internet Consultant

Internet Consultants provide a bridge for businesses who don’t know enough about how the internet can be used for business purposes, but know enough to know their business should be online.

An Internet Consultant can wear many hats as a consultant for an offline business including SEO manager, head content creator and distributor, social media liaison, digital marketing strategist and more.

However, whilst there is no clear definition of what an Internet Consultant does per se, here are some common complain clients they have been known to receive:

1. Junior Internet Consultants. Clients assume that they will be working with a senior Internet Consultant but often find that after the initial meeting and sale negotiation they were allocated a junior member of staff to take care of their account, and often know very little about the process. But Consultants need to be transparent about their company and their staff work allocation with clients. Clients deserve a clear explanation of how their company works, and be advised when some part of their work, such as research work, may be carried out by a junior member of staff. All junior staff should be under the close supervision of senior management in any case.

2. Lack of communication with the client. During the initial meeting with a client, Internet Consultants should have explained why they are doing their job, and what their goals are for the client. After their meetings, sending a summary of their meeting is very useful. Regular updates on the progress of the business online, and weekly communication of some kind will also be valued by clients. It may be price relative as to what degree that regular communication is, but this should be clearly agreed upon prior to any work commencing. Clients need to know what to expect.

3. Lack of objective. Some business people hire an Internet Consultant just to spy on their competitors. To make a clear description of your job, before you start with a project, you should clarify your ethical rules and set some boundaries. During the project, you have to make sure that all recommendations are factual, accurate and independently measureable.

4. Unwarranted promises. When Internet Consultants market their services, their objectives and abilities may be vague. They should never commit to something that they cannot guarantee to deliver, like being on Page One of Google. Otherwise the client will expect that deliverable and will not be happy when they don’t achieve the goal they were told was going to happen.

5. Ineffective concepts. Internet consultants are paid because of their exceptional marketing and strategic concepts and ideas. Clients expect these concepts and ideas to be translated into action and profit. If they don’t, clients become frustrated and disappointed. To avoid this consultants can arrange an initial “test period” to see what ideas work best and when.

6. Copied or stolen ideas. When initial meetings with their clients many ideas are discussed, and it has been alleged that some Internet Consultants simply use the ideas of the business originally. Therefore it is always safe to clearly state who provided which suggestions and when, in order to avoid clients being unsure of how an idea become about. The inference is that the client provided an idea they only implemented, and the Internet Consultant was trying to take credit for it. It doesn’t really matter who came up with a good idea, it really comes down to who made it work!

7. Boundless invoices. Some clients do not want to work with an Internet Consultant because they think that they don’t have control with the fees (there may be an implied “open cheque book” feeling to the agreement. To prevent this from happening, Consultants should accurately explain to their prospective client their marketing plan, what deliverables will be needed, and how much it will cost the client in total. It is only fair to inform the client if there are additional expenses that are needed for the project well in advance. These kinds of communications should always be in writing, and email is idea for this purpose.

If you feel you can benefit from an Internet Consultant in your offline business then don’t hesitate to call a few and see if they have an online business strategy that might work with your company. Most Consultants don’t charge you to have an initial meeting.